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Quinlan Law Office S.C. is a private family law firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Kathleen Quinlan has practiced family law since 1976. She’s committed to helping area families with their legal matters.

Kathleen Quinlan offers legal representation in matters of divorce, child custody and child support. Relying on her experience assisting other families and her knowledge of the law, she helps families through delicate legal proceedings. Call Quinlan Law Office S.C. today to discuss your issue with a dedicated attorney.

3 ways Quinlan Law Office S.C. goes the extra mile for clients

Kathleen Quinlan has managed a solo practice for over a decade. She is passionate about providing one-on-one legal assistance in family law matters for clients in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Whether you’re going through a divorce or modifying your child support agreement, you deserve competent counsel for your case. Kathleen Quinlan goes the extra mile for her clients and their families. She can:

  1. Mediate between you and your spouse to expedite a collaborative split
  2. Help both parties avoid a court battle over child support and custody
  3. Communicate with your on an ongoing basis

Kathleen Quinlan keeps your children and their well-being front of mind. Protecting their future is always our attorney’s number one priority. For a compassionate and hardworking family law attorney in Madison, WI, choose Quinlan Law Office, S.C.

Put a stop to the heartache – call Quinlan Law Office S.C. today.

Kathleen Quinlan will guide you through every step of the process. Your frustrations will soon be a thing of the past and everyone in your family can start to lead happier lives. Schedule a time for legal counsel from an experienced family law attorney in Madison, WI today.

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