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Child support is an important element of any divorce proceeding. Quinlan Law Office S.C. will help you define child support arrangements between you and your former spouse. Kathleen Quinlan has worked in support of families and children in Madison, WI for over 40 years. The specifics of child support can be complex, so you need a dedicated attorney on your side to cut through the fog of legalese and protect your children’s future.

Use our legal experience to your advantage

Use our legal experience to your advantage

State laws set guidelines for child support based on income and other variables. Quinlan Law Office will explore all options to find the right arrangement for you and your former spouse.

Child support cases are complex and unique to each family circumstance. Kathleen Quinlan will make sure your child is getting the support they need to ensure their continued well-being. Reach out to Quinlan Law Office S.C. today and speak with attorney Quinlan. We offer free 30-minute phone consultations for new clients.