Ensure Proper Care for Your Child

Get legal help with child custody arrangements in Madison, WI

Fighting for the custody of your child? You need a passionate attorney on your side to guide you through this emotionally difficult process. Deciding on the specifics of custody arrangements can take a toll on any parent. It’s up to you to hire a capable attorney and fight for what you know will be best for your child.

Protecting children is our number one priority

Protecting children is our number one priority

Quinlan Law Office S.C. will fight for your children’s best interests and work to protect their general welfare. Kathleen Quinlan will encourage you and your spouse to establish custody arrangements outside of court through mediation. If matters do end up in the courtroom, she will:

  • Inform you and guide you through the courtroom process
  • Provide evidence to the judge that you have the best interests of the child in mind
  • Provide support for any child custody modifications or other new agreements

Kathleen Quinlan will help you get the results you desire in your child custody case. Since 1976, she’s helped families find a child custody solution that works for both parents. Get in touch with Quinlan Law Office S.C. right away to discuss your matter with our attorney.